Zelenskyy former aide says lack of no-fly zone indicators US, NATO are ‘afraid’ of Putin


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Iuliia Mendel, the previous spokesperson for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, mentioned the USA’ and NATO’s agency stance in opposition to a no-fly zone over Ukraine indicators that the West is “afraid” of assaults from Russian President Vladimir Putin and creates a “decay of global confidence in American leadership and superpowers.” 

Mendel, in an interview with Every day Put up Digital, pressured Ukraine’s appreciation for American navy and monetary help and help, however urged the West to rethink initiating a no-fly zone as Putin continues his multi-front warfare within the nation for a fifteenth day.


“Ukrainians are being killed from the sky, and of course, Ukrainian authorities are supporting no-fly zones … This is something that could stop the killing of Ukrainians immediately,” Mendel advised Every day Put up. “This is very important from the point of view of Putin, when he said to NATO, ‘If you don’t allow us killing Ukrainians from the sky, then we will attack you.’”

Mendel mentioned the U.S. and NATO repeatedly rejecting requires a no-fly zone over Ukraine tells Putin, “Yes, I am actually afraid of you attacking me, please kill them above, and we will see, if you do your best, then probably you won’t come for us.'”

A local retiree, Nataliya Mykolaivna, 64, gestures as she talks to an AFP journalist next to a minibus that had been delivering supplies and gifts to frontline soldiers, volunteers and hard-pressed residents. The minibus was destroyed by Russian shelling at a short distance from the frontline in Horenka, northern Kyiv, March 10, 2022.

A neighborhood retiree, Nataliya Mykolaivna, 64, gestures as she talks to an AFP journalist subsequent to a minibus that had been delivering provides and items to frontline troopers, volunteers and hard-pressed residents. The minibus was destroyed by Russian shelling at a brief distance from the frontline in Horenka, northern Kyiv, March 10, 2022.
(Sergei Supinsky/AFP by way of Getty Pictures)

“This is ridiculous,” Mendel mentioned. “This really shows that there is this decay of global confidence in American leadership and superpowers. NATO countries are afraid to irritate Putin.

“He’s the monkey with the grenade. Do you suppose you possibly can management him throwing or dropping the grenade?” she asked. “Moldova, Poland, the Baltic States perceive that Putin’s disrespect for the Western world order is so deep that he is not going to be stopped by the EU or NATO membership when, or if, he will get Ukraine.”

But Mendel said that “nations farther away appear to really feel extra comfy, realizing that the evil is way away and the Ukrainians can defeat it — at the price of their very own lives.” 

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russia’s all-out invasion of Ukraine only eight months after TIME magazine billed President Biden as ready to take on the Russian leader. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russia’s all-out invasion of Ukraine solely eight months after TIME journal billed President Biden as able to tackle the Russian chief. 
(Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photograph by way of AP)

She advised Every day Put up that “time flows differently in war,” noting that Zelenskyy receives information “every minute of new dead, wounded and new bombings.” 

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“Our women give birth in bomb shelters, Ukraine has become a country of refugees, and NATO is still wavering in its military support,” she mentioned. 

Mendel, although, pressured that “the United States is not guilty in what is going on,” including that Ukraine appreciates “the help of Americans and everything they’ve done.”

Mendel mentioned the U.S. has “shared some intelligence” with Ukraine and continues to “stand for us and support us in this situation.”

“We would ask for the United States and NATO to stand for us about the sky, to save our lives, this is the most important for us,” she mentioned. “If NATO is something worth entering, then NATO needs to help us now — now, when we have so many casualties that probably could be questioning about the necessity of entering NATO.”

Biden and NATO have dominated out a no-fly zone over Ukraine, saying implementing it will put the U.S. and NATO in direct confrontation with Russia and would broaden the battle.

Children have sheltered underground in Ukraine amid the Russian invasion

Kids have sheltered underground in Ukraine amid the Russian invasion
(Oleksandra Ustinova MP)

Ukraine just isn’t a member of NATO, so it isn’t topic to the Article V provision of the NATO alliance that claims when one member nation is attacked, all member nations will take motion to help.

Mendel pressured that “Putin is the only person to be accused in this invasion.”


“The United States has provided a lot of support, as has the whole civilized world, and definitely, Ukraine wouldn’t be able to stand against Russia alone,” she mentioned. “A big part of our capacities to defeat Putin is actually the support we get from the U.S. and our partnering countries.”

Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Warsaw, Poland, Thursday, and in a joint information convention with Poland President Andrzej Duda highlighted the U.S. Home of Representatives’ vote to ship $13 billion in assist to Ukraine and European allies. She additionally introduced that the U.S. would supply $53 million extra to the U.N. World Meals Program.

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Harris was ridiculed, although, for her response to a query about how the USA might help within the plight of Ukrainian refugees. Greater than 1 million refugees have fled from Ukraine to Poland since Russia invaded on Feb. 24.

Harris didn’t seem wanting to reply the inquiry, turning towards Duda and saying, “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” earlier than laughing for a number of seconds. Duda ultimately capitulated and answered his query first, saying he had requested Harris to assist pace the method of Ukrainian refugees acquiring U.S. visas as a way to stick with household within the States.

Ukrainian emergency employees and volunteers carry an injured pregnant woman from a maternity hospital damaged by shelling in Mariupol, Ukraine, Wednesday, March 9, 2022. 

Ukrainian emergency workers and volunteers carry an injured pregnant lady from a maternity hospital broken by shelling in Mariupol, Ukraine, Wednesday, March 9, 2022. 
(AP Photograph/Evgeniy Maloletka)

Harris later mentioned she understood the “unprecedented” scenario introduced to the Polish authorities however didn’t say what number of refugees the U.S. can be keen to take.

Mendel, reacting, advised Every day Put up that “Harris’ communication, that might be treated as not appropriate.”

“But she stands for Ukraine with her actions, not words,” Mendel mentioned. “She is a president of the Senate, and the U.S. is going to approve billions of dollars to assist Ukraine, partially for the Army, partially for the humanitarian aid.”

“So, despite of communication peculiarities, the U.S. shows its strong support in every action,” Mendel mentioned.

Throughout the information convention, Harris and Duda insisted that the USA and Poland are “unified” after the U.S. rejected the nation’s proposal to ship MiG-29 planes to the Ukrainian navy.

Members of Ukraine's Territorial Defense Forces, volunteer military units of the Armed Forces, train in a city park in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Members of Ukraine’s Territorial Protection Forces, volunteer navy models of the Armed Forces, prepare in a metropolis park in Kyiv, Ukraine.
(AP/Efrem Lukatsky)

Simply hours after the Pentagon made clear that the U.S. doesn’t help Poland’s proposal for the U.S. and NATO to ship MiG-29s to the Ukrainian navy, Harris and Duda maintained that the connection between the USA and Poland has “become even stronger” amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

However Mendel urged the West to ship navy jets, saying Ukraine does “not have this time because time means lives,” and pressured that “every hesitance” from the U.S. and NATO is “paid by the blood of Ukrainians.” 

American gun companies, states assist Ukrainians struggle again in opposition to Putin


As for Zelenskyy, Mendel mentioned Ukrainians “understand that he is standing for our independence, for democratic values, and this is something that is shared throughout Ukraine.”

“He actually has been quite a brave person in character, long ago, before there was the interest in him in this matter,” she mentioned. “This war just revealed part of the character that was not known to the majority of people.”

Mendel mentioned the president plans to remain in Kyiv, and “stay with the people.”

Zelenskyy this week vowed to not depart Kyiv, going as far as to disclose that he was in his workplace as Russian forces continued their assault on Ukraine’s capital metropolis.

In this March 8, 2022, image from video provided by the Ukrainian Presidential Press Office and posted on Instagram, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speaks in Kyiv, Ukraine.

On this March 8, 2022, picture from video supplied by the Ukrainian Presidential Press Workplace and posted on Instagram, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speaks in Kyiv, Ukraine.
(Ukrainian Presidential Press Workplace by way of AP)

“Definitely, up to now, he is making his location known to show Putin that he is on his land, people are behind him, and he is staying for his people,” Mendel mentioned.


“He hasn’t left Kiev, he hasn’t fled,” Mendel mentioned. “In Afghanistan, the leadership of Afghanistan left the country when it became hot there, and there was the Taliban invasion.” 

She added that Zelenskyy’s location “is a very symbolic place to show that Ukraine is still independent, and we are fighting, and he is standing for us as our president.” 

“We are proud of this,” she mentioned, noting that she doesn’t know if Zelenskyy will share his location sooner or later. “We don’t know what is going to happen.” 

Mendel mentioned Ukrainians are “very much united” and “stand for our country, for us.”

“Ukraine is the territory of freedom,” she added. “Ukraine is the country where we have our dreams and plans and we see the future of this country.

“It’s our residence, and we need to construct it.” 


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