Monkeypox: What you could know in regards to the virus — and learn how to defend your self


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Because the monkeypox virus turns into a well being concern that People appear to listen to about an increasing number of, what are among the greatest practices for avoiding the virus — and is it time to fret?

Each day Submit Digital talked on Monday with Dr. Marc Siegel, a doctor and professor of drugs on the NYU Langone Medical Heart in New York Metropolis, and a Each day Submit contributor, in regards to the monkeypox virus.

He mentioned the virus is often not severe, although the rash is “painful” and “can cause scarring,” he mentioned.


Dr. Siegel mentioned that nobody ought to get “in the gear of panic,” as many individuals did with the COVID pandemic.

“I think it’s difficult to contract,” mentioned Dr. Siegel about monkeypox. “I would just say be aware of close contact with people with a rash.”

Dr. Marc Siegel talked with Daily Post Digital on Monday, July 25, 2022, about the monkeypox virus, which the World Health Organization (WHO) just declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC). 

Dr. Marc Siegel talked with Each day Submit Digital on Monday, July 25, 2022, in regards to the monkeypox virus, which the World Well being Group (WHO) simply declared a Public Well being Emergency of Worldwide Concern (PHEIC). 
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Saying that well being officers nonetheless consider “it’s mainly in the men-who-have-sex-with-men community,” Siegel shared that that’s at present their “main focus.”


Dr. Siegel emphasised that, “given the difficulty of the spread of this thing, it’s not going to be like another COVID.”

“I’m calling for an emergency use authorization for TPOXX [an anti-viral drug], which works,” Dr. Siegel mentioned. 

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“But you can’t even get it now unless you sign up first for a protocol.” 

There are two vaccines for monkeypox, mentioned Siegel, “one that is the old live virus vaccine — that’s a lot like a smallpox vaccine that I had as a kid,” he added. 

Monkeypox is “not going to be like another COVID.”

“There’s a national stockpile of that and [it’s] over 100 million doses,” he defined. 

“But the problem with that is we don’t really want to be giving that unless we have a huge outbreak because it’s a live virus vaccine” — and as such, it “has side effects.”

There may be additionally an “inactivated” vaccine referred to as JYANNEOS. “That is the way to go,” mentioned Dr. Siegel.

A 1997 image provided by the CDC during an investigation into an outbreak of monkeypox. This patient was displaying the appearance of the characteristic rash during its recuperative stage.

A 1997 picture supplied by the CDC throughout an investigation into an outbreak of monkeypox. This affected person was displaying the looks of the attribute rash throughout its recuperative stage.
(CDC through AP, File)

The doctor believes {that a} phrase of warning to the homosexual group is suitable from well being professionals, together with the recommendation to stay calm.

“Again, we don’t want to panic, treating this like COVID,” mentioned Dr. Siegel. 

“I’m more concerned about sexual transmission at this point,” he mentioned.


Beneath is a few key info and “best practices” relating to monkeypox, so that everybody can defend themselves as a lot as attainable.

What’s monkeypox? 

“Monkeypox is a rare disease caused by infection with the monkeypox virus. Monkeypox virus is part of the same family of viruses as variola virus, the virus that causes smallpox,” the CDC notes on its web site.

Monkeypox signs are milder than smallpox signs — and monkeypox is never deadly. 

The virus just isn’t associated to chickenpox, says the CDC. Monkeypox was found in 1958 when two outbreaks of a pox-like illness confirmed up in monkeys saved for analysis. 

Why is it referred to as monkeypox?

Regardless of its identify, the supply of the illness is unknown. 

Nonetheless, it’s attainable that African rodents and non-human primates (corresponding to monkeys) would possibly harbor the virus and infect folks, the CDC says on its web site.

Good hygiene is important when keeping safe from monkeypox — hand washing as well as keeping healthy distances and washing linens of infected people are also advised.

Good hygiene is essential when conserving secure from monkeypox — hand washing in addition to conserving wholesome distances and washing linens of contaminated persons are additionally suggested.

What are the signs of monkeypox?

Monkeypox signs embrace headache, muscle aches, exhaustion, fever, backache, the swelling of lymph nodes and chills.

Inside one to 3 days, a rash and lesions also can develop, in keeping with the CDC.

What preventative steps could be taken in opposition to monkeypox?

The CDC shares many wholesome actions all of us can take to restrict contact and transmission of the illness.

Amongst the following tips: Keep away from shut, skin-to-skin contact with individuals who have a rash.

Don’t deal with or contact the bedding, towels or clothes of an individual with monkeypox. 

Don’t contact the rash or scabs of anybody who has monkeypox.

Don’t share consuming utensils, plates or cups with somebody who has the virus.


Don’t deal with or contact the bedding, towels or clothes of an individual with monkeypox.

Wash your arms typically with cleaning soap and water — or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Isolate at home if you develop monkeypox. Very close personal contact is a cause of the rapid spread of the virus, the CDC said. 

Isolate at house if you happen to develop monkeypox. Very shut private contact is a explanation for the speedy unfold of the virus, the CDC mentioned. 

For those who’re in Central and West Africa, keep away from contact with animals that may unfold the virus. They’d often be rodents and primates. 

Additionally, keep away from sick or useless animals, in addition to the bedding or the rest they’ve touched, famous the CDC.

What do you do if you happen to contract monkeypox?

Isolate at house. Very shut private contact is one other explanation for the speedy unfold of the virus. 

When you’ve got an energetic rash or different signs, “stay in a separate room or area away from people or pets you live with, when possible,” famous the CDC.

“I am going to keep up my COVID protocols to stay safe from monkeypox,” a human assets skilled from Kensington, Maryland — who just lately recovered from COVID — informed Each day Submit Digital after she heard in regards to the CDC’s greatest practices.

“I have COVID fatigue, but I also have common-sense habits I gained from it, too, that I will continue,” she famous. 

“Wash your hands, keep healthy distances and up your housekeeping practices — both at home and at work,” she additionally mentioned.


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