‘Jeopardy!’ champion Ryan Lengthy, a ride-share driver, on his ultimate recreation


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“Jeopardy!” champion Ryan Lengthy insists he did not throw his ultimate recreation.

Lengthy, a ride-share driver, lasted for 16 “Jeopardy!” video games and took residence a complete of $299,400. He performed his final recreation Monday and misplaced to Minneapolis meteorologist Eric Ahasic.

“I saw somebody say that I threw the game,” he informed USA At the moment. “I didn’t throw the game. I didn’t lay down for it, but I wasn’t sad that I lost either. I felt like I was maybe ready to go, but I didn’t lay down. But I knew I wasn’t on my top form that day, when the Daily Double with Dr. King came up.”

“I’ve done projects on Dr. King. I’ve studied Dr. King. My mother told me about Dr. King growing up. I knew he went to Boston and lived there, but when I got that question, when I blanked on it, I was like, “Alright, nicely. That is most likely an indication.” And I was just a little slower on the buzzer that day than normal. But I’m not taking anything away from Eric. He played a hell of a game.”

Ryan Long, a ride-share driver, lost his 16-game win streak on

Ryan Lengthy, a ride-share driver, misplaced his 16-game win streak on “Jeopardy!”
(Jeopardy Productions, Inc)


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Now that Lengthy has competed on “Jeopardy!,” he simply desires to spend time fishing along with his son and is not positive what he’ll do with the cash.

“I’ve been telling people I just want to take my son fishing,” he informed the outlet. “That’s pretty much where I’m at.”

“I’ve got to get a bunch of stuff figured out before I can even go kind of crazy. I just made my first ever appointment with an accountant today. I never had a need for an accountant, or a lawyer. Now, I’m looking into getting both, and it’s really trippy.”

Long will compete in the Tournament of Champions after winning 16 games and taking home $299,400.

Lengthy will compete within the Event of Champions after successful 16 video games and taking residence $299,400.
(Amanda Edwards)

Lengthy will compete within the Event of Champions and is spending time getting ready.

“I’m definitely going to concentrate on endurance and stamina because that was not a thing that I thought about at all before I went the first time, just the sheer act of standing there under the lights all day and hustling back and forth between wardrobe and makeup and the stage,” he defined. “I’m going to try to trim down a little bit, and I’ll see what happens.”

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Earlier than showing on “Jeopardy!,” Lengthy labored as a ride-share driver. He hopes his 16-game run on the sport present will encourage others to go after their desires.


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