‘High Gun’ star Tom Skerritt explains why the unique film was iconic, particulars filming with Tom Cruise


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“Top Gun” star Tom Skerritt is sharing his ideas on the film’s sequel and reflecting on the unique 1986 movie. 

Skerritt, who starred as Commander Mike “Viper” Metcalf within the unique, opened up about what made “Top Gun” iconic throughout a current interview with Every day Publish Digital.

“The music had a lot to do with it by the way,” he mentioned. “But the screenplay itself, which I’ve always honored as being the whole reason for a good show, and you just write the work … and do the job you have good material for the rest of us to work with. And I really believed in that screenplay.”

Skerritt starred within the movie alongside a younger Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer and others similar to Kelly McGillis.

Tom Skerritt starred in the original

Tom Skerritt starred within the unique “Top Gun” as Cdr. Mike “Viper” Metcalf.
(Photograph by CBS)

Tom Cruise as Lt. Pete

Tom Cruise as Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, Anthony Edwards as Lt. Nick “Goose” Bradshaw, Michael Ironside as Lt. Cdr. Dick “Jester” Wetherly and Tom Skerritt as Cdr. Mike “Viper” Metcalf within the movie “Top Gun.”
(Photograph by CBS)


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“Everybody was having a good time on this. We all knew, or maybe I just sensed it, that this was going to be a very successful film.”

As for working with the 25-year-old Cruise, Skerritt informed Every day Publish Digital that he met the actor whereas nonetheless in talks with Tony Scott, the director, and the producers.

“He was clearly a nice young man, 25, aware that he was going to rise with this film. He didn’t say that, but I assumed that by discussion we had. He knew he was going to rise with “High Gun.”

“Everybody was having a good time on this. We all knew, or maybe I just sensed it, that this was going to be a very successful film.”

— Tom Skerritt on filming 1986’s ‘Top Gun’

When it comes to the sequel, “High Gun: Maverick,” Skerritt explained to Daily Post Digital: “I feel it should be loads of aeronautical engineering on show, loads of going capturing straight up into the sky and going as excessive as you may go.”

“I feel we’ll simply watch some guys do some loopy flying, and … they will have loads of enjoyable, however it’s not going to have the storyline the unique had. You’ll be able to’t revive one thing that is already been finished.”

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The film was released in theaters on May 27 after a two-year delay due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Skerritt weighed in on

Skerritt weighed in on “Top Gun: Maverick” throughout an interview with Every day Publish Digital. 
(Photograph by Mat Hayward)

Earlier than starring within the ’80s action-drama movie, Skerritt frolicked in the US Air Power. The actor admitted he joined the US Air Power with the intention of studying to fly a airplane, however did not ever get to.

“Military’s military, whatever the service you’re in,” he informed Every day Publish Digital. “One is a little rougher than others. That would be the Marines. But I never got to fly, which was something I thought would be a dream for me to do. I had an older brother who was a P-51 pilot in World War II, and I loved him and I loved him for what he did.”

“He was clearly a nice young man, 25, aware that he was going to rise with this film.”

— Tom Skerritt on Tom Cruise

“At 17, I enlisted right out of high school,” he continued. “I thought maybe I can sneak in and become a pilot, which was not possible. I had no math skills whatsoever, and I had a good four years of learning how to behave myself.”

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As Memorial Day rapidly approaches, the actor-turned-producer defined what the day means to him.

Memorial Day means a lot to Skerritt, who served in the military himself and runs a program for veterans.

Memorial Day means rather a lot to Skerritt, who served within the navy himself and runs a program for veterans.
(Photograph by George Pimentel/WireImage)

“It’s quite a bit because I have my own experience in the military,” Skerritt mentioned. “I had my brother in the military.”

Skerritt additionally co-founded the Purple Badge Undertaking alongside former Military Captain Evan Bailey in 2012. This system helps veterans “discover greater self-acceptance and efficacy as they find their voice, and produce stories inspired by their life experiences,” in accordance with the Purple Badge Undertaking’s web site.

Skerritt additional defined: “I also have a school here called Red Badge where we teach post-traumatic stress vets how to tell a story because there’s wonderful therapy about being able to write a story, whether it’s true or whether it’s recovering from some very bad moments that they had. And that’s what the day is for me.”

Every day Publish’ Larry Fink contributed to this report.


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