Canada ‘Freedom Convoy’: Ottawa police arrange hate crime hotline regardless of admitting protests stay peaceable


Ottawa, Canada, police is launching a “hate crime” hotline Tuesday regardless of its chief admitting that the primary 4 days of anti-vaccine-mandate protests ushered into the capital by a “Freedom Convoy” of truckers have remained largely peaceable and have resulted in no riots, accidents or deaths. 

At a digital press convention Monday night, Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly lamented the “massive traffic chaos and gridlock” which have continued since Friday when tens of hundreds of individuals flooded into the downtown hall to protest the most recent requirement for truckers returning to Canada from the U.S. to point out proof of vaccination, in addition to different grievances over coronavirus-related restrictions. 

“This is a demonstration unique in nature, massive in scale, polarizing in context, dangerous in literally every aspect of the event itself,” Sloly mentioned. “This started on the west coast of Canada and spread across the country. It has been fluid, ever-changing and increasingly more difficult to manage.” 


In thanking regulation enforcement for working as hundreds of autos clogged highways and bridges exterior town, the chief harassed that there have been no riots or accidents linked to the demonstrations. Sloly mentioned emergency companies had been delayed amid the big crowds however stories of denial of service weren’t true. 

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“They have been an incredible group of individuals who’ve kept this city safe during a situation that could have become riotous, it could have led to significant and severe injuries, and it could have led to the loss of life,” Sloly mentioned. “None of that has occurred over the last four days.”

The chief warned that although negotiations with leaders of the protests proceed, enforcement additionally remained “on the table” till crowds go away Ottawa. Sloly mentioned a number of felony investigations are ongoing for bribery, threats, assaults and harmful operation of autos. 

He additionally warned that drivers taking part within the protests with license plates from different provinces might nonetheless be tracked down and prosecuted as soon as leaving the capital. 

“Within the next 24 hours we are going to be creating a hotline for hate incidents – hate crimes, any offenses directly related to the demonstrations, including criminal offenses, threats, assaults, hate-related crimes, mischiefs, anything that any member of the community, any visitor, any demonstrator has faced in terms of criminal activity,” he mentioned, “A hotline will be established to receive those reports. There will be an immediate investigation until we have resolved it by way of charge and prosecution.” 

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Sloly added: “We have continued our working relationship with the Crown’s Office, we have the intelligence officers and the investigative officers and multijurisdictional support from British Columbia to St. John’s to Nunavut to GTA to make sure no matter where you live, no matter where your vehicle is registered, if you have come here and committed a crime, if you have committed a hate crime, you will be investigated. We will look for you, we will charge you, if necessary, we will arrest you. And we will pursue prosecutions against you.”

Images of crowds seen in Ottawa confirmed folks carrying principally Canadian flags. However Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson mentioned there have additionally been situations of individuals displaying swastikas or Accomplice flags. 


“We’ve witnessed the desecration of cherished monuments, like the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Terry Fox Statue, displays of hate symbols, like the Confederate flag and the swastika, and all types of bad behavior that have taken away the freedom of our residents to live without fear,” Watson mentioned. “Many residents have not slept for days due to the noise and disruptions. Many have been shut in by the crowds – a lockdown imposed by the protest itself.”

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“The protests have been incredibly disruptive and continue to impact the safety and well-being of our residents,” the mayor mentioned. “People have had the opportunity to voice their frustration against government policy, but, as the old saying goes, they’ve worn out their welcome.” 


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